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With seating right on the Marina, our location is both tranquil and relaxing. Enjoy breathtaking sunsets over the Marina and our highly trained team offer impeccable service so you can sit back, relax and enjoy yourself and the company of others. We guarantee you will enjoy our food, service and stunning atmosphere, and hope to see you soon at House of Siam.

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Appetizers (some are GF)

Chicken Satay (4 sticks) (GF)

Grilled chicken skewers marinated in Thai herbs, served with peanut sauce

Spring Rolls (4 pieces)

Homemade Thai style light pastry rolls filled with a vegetarian stuffing, served with sweet chilli sauce



Curry Puffs (4 pieces)

Minced beef, potato, onion and curry powder wrapped in golden brown puff pastry and served with sweet cucumber sauce topped with ground

Fish Cakes (4 pieces)
The famous Thai dish, deep fried fish patties served with sweet chilli cucumber sauce topped with
ground peanuts
Fresh Spring Roll (GF) 

Rice paper sheet wrapped with julienne carrot, cucumber, rice noodle, and chicken served homemade dipping  sauce.


Duck spring rolls (4 pieces) Roasted Duck pieces, Julian vegetable, vermicelli noodle, light
pastry rolls wrapped, then deep-fried till crispy and golden brown, served with sweet chilli sauce.


Coconut Prawns (4 pieces) (GF)

Golden brown king prawns coated with shredded coconut, battered and served with mayonnaise sauce

Golden Bag (4 pieces)

Crispy pastry stuffed with prawn, chicken mince and water chestnuts served with plum sauce

Crispy won ton shell 

Crispy wonton shell served with peanut sauce.

Calamari Rings

Thai style deep fried calamari served with sweet chilli sauce

Steamed Dim Sim (4 pieces) (GF)  

Thai style Dim Sim served with soya sauce

Mixed Entree

Chicken satay stick, spring roll, curry puff, calamari ring and fish cake served with mixed sauces


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