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Crispy Pork Belly
Double cooled Pork Belly, Thai vinegar, chilli &Garlic minced, Red & White cabbage sliced, Julienne root vegetables. sm or large


Son in Law’s Eggs
Multiple deep-fried crispy eggs topped with our chef’s special sweet and sour sauce. sm or large
Choo Chee Pla
Your choice of barramundi or salmon.
Distinct flavour in this rich red curry sauce is composed of kaffir lime leaves, coconut and chillies, which is used extensively in Thai curries.
Salt & Pepper Calamari
Crispy and tender salt & pepper calamari, tossed with onion and capsicum.
Kari lamb Curry
Home style slow cooked lamb in aromatic yelllow curry, onion and potato.
Pad Kua-Gling Gai
Stir-fried chicken minced with chilli, lemongrass, and turmeric.
Crispy BBQ Duck, served on stir-fried mixed vegetable with chef’s special sauce.
House of Siam Bugs
Moton Bay Bugs cooked to perfection & creamy yellow curry sauce, shallot, coconut milk.

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