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The Nam Tok

The Nam Tok is a spicy beef salad featuring a succulent Scott fillet that is expertly grilled and complemented with a delightful blend of herbs, leafy greens, and vegetables. The Nam Tok dressing, consisting of fish sauce, lime juice, palm sugar, garlic, and Thai peppers, ensures a harmonious burst of flavors that promise an exquisite dining experience.

Crispy Pork Belly
Double cooled Pork Belly, Thai vinegar, chilli &Garlic minced, Red & White cabbage sliced, Julienne root vegetables. sm or large
Grilled spicy pork sausage North Thailand styles, fresh garden leafy and ginger.
Steamed Barra with lemon. Pla nung ma-now
Baby barramundi steamed, Distinct flavour in this freshly made sauce is composed of kaffir lime leaves, and chilies, which is used extensively in Thai cooking.
Salt & Pepper Calamari
Crispy and tender salt & pepper calamari, tossed with onion and capsicum.
Kari lamb Curry
Home style slow cooked lamb in aromatic yelllow curry, onion and potato.
Thai Pork sausages (Issan)
Esan style pork mince, garlic and ginger.
Half Duck, Crispy skins, deboned, served on stir-fried mixed vegetable with chef’s special sauce.
Goong samrod
Crispy Prawns & home made chili sauce. small or large

10% surcharge on weekends. 15% surcharge on public holidays.

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